Paw Patrol Litter

CHASE, leader 

Chase is a handsome male from the Paw Patrol liter.  Also similar to his siblings, he is very affectionate, hard working and loves kids.  Chase and brother Marshall are neighbors in the dog yard. Their relationship makes me smile as it is very similar to my brothers and mine growing up.  They really enjoy rough play with each other, but every now and again someone takes it too far leading to a scuffle but then return to buddies as quickly as it started. 

Chase became a father in 2020 to the amazing MN Trout Stream Litter.


MN Trout Stream Litter

SCHUELER, team dog

Bio coming soon!


This girl is sweet, gentle and loves to work.  She had the good fortune this summer to be one of our 4 year old son's first dog grooming customers.  The random patches of bald spots should be grown in by the time cold weather hits.  She is another dog we are really excited to see blossom this year as a 2 year old.

ZUMA, team dog

This girl is sweet, gentle and loves to work but is often found snuggled up on the sofa or in bed with the kids.  She had the good fortune to be one of our son's first dog grooming customers.  She was just as beautiful with random patches of bald spots as she is with all of her hair.


Paw Patrol Litter


Paw Patrol Litter

EVEREST, team dog

Everest is one of the smaller dogs on our team weighing in at 44lbs but more than makes up for it with her large personality.  Every time you come into the dog yard, she sits on her house, tilts her head, and waves you over with her left paw.  She never stops running and shows impressive determination despite her small size.  Great gifts come in small packages. 


MN Trout Stream Litter (Adopted)

TORKELSON, team cheerleader

In the summer of 2020 we had two litters of puppies.  One litter was an intentional breeding and the other was not.  Our fuzzy friend Bear who has been adopted by family friends became a little too friendly with sweet Everest girl.  Well, a few months later, Everest had some of the sweetest puppies ever. We ended up keeping one, which is Torkelson.  

He enjoys running up to about 10 miles, so he's not really part of the race team.  But like his momma, he's sweet as pie and loves being a family dog.  


Constellation Litter

LEO, team dog

Leo is the official heavyweight of our kennel weighing in at 73lbs.  He was part of the 2016, 2019 and 2020 Iditarod teams. His long legs appear to levitate him onto his dog house, into the dog truck or down the trail.  He is handsome and a hard working dog with lots of power. It is impossible to be in a sour mood around this guy.  His bubbling personality and long tongue will surely put a smile on your face. He loves his belly rubbed and loves his buddy Walter.  He and his brother Orion are often in the back causing trouble. 


Constellation Littler

NORMA, leader

Norma Jean is a fan favorite. She was part of the 2019 and 2020 Iditarod teams. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her falls in love. This sweet girl is a near replica of her late mother Mocha, both in physical  appearance, work ethic and personality. She will bark at you continuously until you come to pet her in the dog yard.  She does not enjoy being indoors and prefers to be with the pack in the dog yard. She is one of our proven leaders.


Iditarod Checkpoint Litter

YENTNA, team dog

This girl is as loyal as they come.  She has a way of looking into your soul and filling what ever emotional need you may have.  Nothing makes her happier than being at the front of her team or being loved on by children.  She was a young leader in 2019 Iditarod but now prefers being a team dog or staying back in the yard to grow her nails.  She's independent and likes being chased by the puppies and running them around in circles. However, she has the bad habit of running off and taking a gang of puppies with her.  


Paw Patrol Litter

MARSHALL, leader

As a yearling he had what it took to make the Iditarod team 2019 (this is a big deal.)   He ran several hundred miles before he was dropped for being "tired."  We also heard that Marshall was a vet favorite on the Iditarod trail after he was dropped from the race.  They loved how friendly and loving he was.  Marshall was a powerful leader in 2020 through many storms and challenges in the Iditarod.  It could not have been accomplished without him.  Marshall likes being in first position in the dog yard so he doesn't miss a chance to get pet or a treat from the kids. 



Early American Contributors Litter

BEN, team dog

Ben is a near spitting image of his father Coffee.  He seems to have the same desire to work but is a calmer, gentler version of his old man.  Ben is tender but tough. 

IMG_3457 (2).JPG

German Wirehair Pointer

TILLIE, retired yard boss, 2009-2020

Tillie is the retired yard boss as well as a loyal, trusted member of our family.  We got her in March 2009 initially for hunting purposes.  Her breed is known for being a "versatile" hunting dog and she is just that.  Back in her prime, we hunted pheasants and ducks together as well as becoming one of our first dogs to pull a sled.  She has been instrumental in training many young dogs to pull.  These days she loves taking the kids to school and barks at any dogs who aren't getting along in the yard.  She is entertained by the ever growing numbers of cats in the barn and loves to sleep with the kids if Kylie determines that she is "clean enough."  She doesn't like when the dog truck is fired up and she's not riding shotgun.  However, she takes her job serious of taking care of the family in my absents. 


Constellation Litter

ORION, team dog

Orion is a big happy male.  He is leery of strangers (aka vets that want to touch his feet), but loves his family bunches. After fall training runs when we return to the dog yard we often turn all the dogs loose to free run prior to bringing them back to their houses.  On numerous occasions I have found Orion actually standing on top of the 4wheeler, as if he were ready to drive another team out of the yard.  Orion is a dog that does his job well every time he's in a harness.  He's dependable and a hard worker.  He and his brother Leo are a pair not to be messed with. 



WY/MT Cities Litter


Gillette is one of the more experienced dogs on the team at 9 years old.  He stepped up to the leadership role only a few years ago, but is now one of our go to leaders.  This dog is driven and and as loyal as they come. I have always thought that if Gillette had wings he would take us to the moon.  His striking blue eyes and loving personality make him a fan favorite.



Constellation Litter

20211211_114210 (1).jpg

MN Trout Stream Litter

DUSCHEE, team dog

Bio Coming Soon!


Country Stars Litter

KEITH, leader

He may be small and young, but he's mighty strong. He's full of potential.  This last year he was put into lead half way through a 50 mile training run.  Usually the last half of a run is slower, but not with Keith in the lead.  He brought the team in 30 mins ahead of schedule.  He's a bit of a hot shot and a few of the older, wiser males have had to put him in his place.  But once Keith knows who's boss, then he can pull fast with the older dogs leadership/ and directional skills.  

This summer Keith ran away for over a month.  We found him on a community page saying "does anyone know who this dog belongs to?"  He had quite the adventure.  He was spotted many miles from home and it took 8 hours of coxing to bring him home.  Once he fell asleep, Cindy was able to latch onto his collar.  He woke up and she asked him if he wanted to go home.  He got up and jumped right into the dogtruck.   I don't think it's going to be the last of spectacular Keith stories. 


Obama  Litter

BARACK, leader

Barack is a chip off of his mother’s block, Double Shot.  He is smooth gaited and a pleasure to watch work in the team.  He is a bit on the shy side, but very loyal once you have gained his trust. 


Early American Contributors Litter

FINN, leader

“Finny boy” is a bit of a shy dog with a get it done attitude.  In 2019 Iditarod, when the 4 main leaders needed to be dropped due to a GI bug, Finn stepped up into the leader position. He, and other under dog Susan, led the team another 300 miles down the trail, which was far beyond expectations. Finn had unfinished business to settle with the Iditarod trail and in 2020 and led his team through the burled arches.


Obama Litter

SASHA, team dog

This dainty girl comes from the Obama litter.  She is sassy and determined. She has shown some leadership qualities.  We are looking forward to seeing what another year of experience will do for her.


Coffee Litter


This girl completely lives up to her name.  She is a never ending fur ball of happy energy.  Double Shot had been tried in lead several times during training runs, but it usually ended up in her making a completely random last second decision that took us into the rhubarb.  Surprisingly, during last year's Iditarod she was placed in lead during a particularly mentally taxing section of trail and she was able to shine. She was able to calm the nerves of her co leader and help get the team to the next checkpoint.  Either as a leader or a team dog this girl and her experience will be much appreciated on this year’s team.


MN Trout Stream Litter

WATSON, team dog

Bio Coming Soon! 


Coffee Litter

LATTE, leader

Like Norma, Latte is a fan favorite.  Everyone falls in love with her and her little blue shirt. This little girl has spunk!  Once in the middle of Race to the Sky I found myself short on lead dogs.  Latte, having never led before, seemed like a long shot. Much to my delight she blossomed, leading us the remaining 150 miles to the finish.  She continues to impress and remains a valuable asset to the team.  


MN Trout Stream Litter

EIDSON, team dog

Bio Coming Soon!


Star Wars Litter

CHEWBACCA, team dog

AKA, Chewy.  Also true to his name, this guy loves to chew.  This dog can literally chew through neck lines faster than any other dog I have encountered.  He is a bit shy too, but is a hard worker.


MN Trout Stream Litter

GIBBIN, team dog

Bio coming soon! 


Famous Peeps Litter

SUSAN (Boyle), leader

This is a dog with an incredible comeback career.  She too is one of our more experienced team members at the age of 9.  She has earned a spot on the Iditarod team for several previous seasons.  She too served as a leader early in her career, but then fell out of favor due to some quirkiness with road crossings and other obstacles.  Last season I found myself searching for leaders in the middle of a grueling Beargrease. Susan stepped up with eagerness and excitement. Then again in last years Iditarod when Cindy found herself short critical leaders, Susan stepped up.  She played a crucial role in getting the team as far as they did, again, far beyond expectations. She too deserves another opportunity to step across the finish line in Nome.