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Deep Root


Welcome to Deep Root Design.

DRD brings experience, knowledge and solutions to your work environment. Your business can produce, function, look and feel it’s best for you, your employees and customers. DRD will assist you in defining your short and long term facility needs, understanding the facilities (existing or new) capability and solutions, work together to define your facility improvement project scope based on goals, budget allotment and time restraints and guide you through the facility improvement process.


Our Clients

DOTDR serves many different types of clients, real estate sectors and in many different capacity. From small business owners looking to better utilize their existing space to leadership in companies that are outgrowing their current location and needing to understand their options and defining their facility search parameters.


We work with companies that have limited funding to make the necessary changes to accomplish their short term needs and business that will be purchasing, designing and building their statement property in reaching their long term business goals.


Our clients choose DRD to help with the facility aspect of their business growth so they can focus on their business, hiring new employees, opening new markets and serving their clients and customers.


DRD clients run professional practices, business and medical offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Some are expanding their current location. Others want to purchase and remodel new property, or even build from scratch.


DRD specializes in building projects under 30,000 sq ft and most effective on projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Occasionally DRD serves clients in other states if it’s economically feasible for both of parties.


Our Services

DRD assists you with your facility projects. We bring fresh ideas to the table and manage projects so you can continue to focus on the success of your business. Projects can range from a simple consolations to full scale construction projects.


This end-to-end service includes:


  • Consult and provide feedback on Real Estate decisions​

  • Defining the scope of the project​

  • Performing cost analysis and site allotment studies​

  • Planning space utilization​

  • Estimating a project schedule, budget, and task plan​

  • Refining a feasible project schedule, budget, and task plan​

  • Directing architectural and interior designs​

  • Leading construction bid processes​

  • Managing the construction project​

  • Assisting with procuring signage,equipment, technology, and furniture.​

  • Transitioning client’s employees into their new spaces​



Deep Root Design (DRD) is owned and operated by Kylie C. Ramaker. In her 15 years of architectural design and commercial project management, Kylie has worked within a multitude of real estate sectors. Kylie has managed large projects across the U.S. with budgets up to $3M, and transitioning over 2000 employees from existing to new facilities. Kylie is a LEED Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council and has a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Architecture from the University of Wisconsin.

While commercial facility projects and design are some of Kylie's greatest strengths, she is equally passionate about exploring her creative side with painting and drawing. She has been featured in a number of exhibits and shows and loves creating new textures and materials to paint with.

Kylie lives with her family of 5 in a self designed and family built Yurt in southeast Minnesota. She describes herself as a coffee addicted, Jesus loving, mediocre long distant runner. Wife to a man that never runs out of energy and started DRD in 2016 all while attempting to raise 3 loving, balanced and responsible small humans. Her plate is full but her heart feels blessed and joyful.

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