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The Deep Root: About


Living Life with Deep Roots

We are a yurt-living, dog-caring, Jesus-loving, artful family of 5. Our story documents a simplified lifestyle to maximize our purpose, experiences, and relationships. Our journey is neither ordinary nor extraordinary but authentic.


Simplifying our lives allows us to live outside the lines of standard and experience our own journey. It’s uncomfortable but joyous. It stretches us to grow past personal comfort and enriches our spirit. We grow, learn and acquire countless stories of mishaps and adventures as we inch closer to becoming better versions of ourselves.

 In 2018, we started the Deep Root Cause, which shares Damon's story of pursuing his goal of running the 2020 Iditarod Sled dog race. He not only shares dog mushing information with youth and community organizations, schools, businesses, and participants but what it takes to pursue and complete such an ambitious endeavor.  Damon interweaves stories of dog mushing and life experiences, giving him insight into a deeper purpose. 

Our team can give unique experiences to all that come to meet them.  They share their love and enthusiasm for life through meet and greets, kennel visits, rides, and workshops.  Our lives are richly blessed, with each one of them being a part of our family. 

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