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Meet the Team: Welcome


Check out each dogs bio and who has sponsored them Sponsor A Dog is our donation program for friends, family and business owners looking for a personal investment into the Deep Root CAUSE that's under $500. Lead dogs are available for sponsorship at $500 and Team dogs at $250. 


With the Sponsor A Dog program you receive the following when you sponsor one of our amazing team members.

  • Picture and Bio of your Dog

  • Certificate of Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship credit on the dogs bio and our social media pages.

  • If your dog is picked to run in the Iditarod, you will get his/her IDITAROD race ID tag as a momento. 

Have a Question about dog Sponsorship? Send me a note


Paw Patrol Litter

CHASE, team dog

Chase is another handsome male from the Paw Patrol liter.  Also similar to his siblings, he is very affectionate, hard working and loves kids.  Chase and brother Marshall are neighbors in the dog yard. Their relationship makes me smile as it is very similar to my brothers and mine growing up.  They really enjoy rough play with each other, but every now and again someone takes it too far leading to a scuffle but then return to buddies as quickly as it started. 

Sponsored By: Marlene Rollie

Iditarod Checkpoint Litter

NIKOLAI, team dog

Niki, as our kids call him, is another kennel heavy weight at 72lbs.  He too is a power house. Occasionally he gets a bit distracted during a run but when he steps into his harness again you can literally feel the sled surge forward.  This sweet boy loves attention.


Sponsored By: Linda and Matt Godden
This girl is sweet, gentle and loves to work.  She had the good fortune this summer to be one of our 4 year old son's first dog grooming customers.  The random patches of bald spots should be grown in by the time cold weather hits.  She is another dog we are really excited to see blossom this year as a 2 year old.

ZUMA, team dog

This girl is sweet, gentle and loves to work.  She had the good fortune this summer to be one of our 4 year old son's first dog grooming customers.  The random patches of bald spots should be grown in by the time cold weather hits. She is another dog we are really excited to see blossom this year as a 2 year old. 


Paw Patrol Litter

Sponsored By: Dube Family

Paw Patrol Litter

EVEREST,team dog

Everest is one of the smaller dogs on our team weighing in at 44lbs but more than makes up for it with her large personality.  She was cut from the race team early last year due to her size and young age.  However, she has shown some impressive determination to make the team this year.  She is a dog that never seems to stop moving and is lightning fast. We are looking forward to exposing her potential this year as a 2 year old.

Sponsored By: Renk Family

Star Wars Litter

LEIA, team dog

This sweet girl is a shy one but has proven herself to be a worker over the past few years. I love to match her up with a nearly identical, yet completely unrelated, Dipper.  The pair of black and white dogs just seems right.  

Sponsored By: Gene and Janette Ramaker Family

Constellation Litter

LEO, team dog

Leo is the official heavyweight of our kennel weighing in at 73lbs.  His long legs appear to levitate him onto his dog house, into the dog truck or down the trail.  He is handsome and a hard working dog with lots of power. It is impossible to be in a sour mood around this guy.  His bubbling personality and long tongue will surely put a smile on your face. 

Sponsored By: Popp Family, in memory of Yukon

Constellation Littler

NORMA, leader

This sweet girl is a near replica of her late mother Mocha, both in physical  appearance, work ethic and personality. She is a humble dog that actually seems appreciative of any love you give her. She will bark at you until you come to pet her.  She is one of our proven leaders having lead several races last year and running point in Iditarod 2019.

Emergency Room Staff @ St. Mary's Hospital

Constellation Litter

AURORA, retired

Aurora was an amazing team dog.  She ran beside her sister Norma in many races including the 300 mile Race to the Sky in Montana.  She was such a strong worker.  But in the spring of 2018 she developed a medical issue that has taken it's toll on her balance.  She still loves to run, but can't manage running in a harness.  She is officially retired but still enjoys an occasional free run beside the team during training runs.  She will be the first one to greet vehicles coming onto the property and barks fiercely at the mailman everyday.  She also loves to sleep on the sofa  and chase cats into the trees. Luckily for the cats, she's not too agile. 


Constellation Litter

Sponsored By: June and Isaac Ramaker

Iditarod Checkpoint Litter

YENTNA, leader

This girl is as loyal as they come.  She has a way of looking into your soul and filling what ever emotional need you may have.  Nothing makes her happier than being at the front of her team or being loved on by children.  She was a young leader last year as a 2 year old, so we have high expectations for her this year.  She she was part of Cindy's Iditarod 2019 team and should have some good experiences to draw from. She has shown leadership characteristics since she was a pup, including a time when she escaped her kennel and wandered off to explore at 10 weeks old, fortunately to have been found several days later. 


Sponsored By: Bill and Kelly Cousineau

DIPPER, team dog

This guy likes to act like tough around other males but is actually a big sweetheart.  His unique coloring, or lack thereof, catches the eye of many. During last years Iditarod a picture of him was chosen as "photo of the day."  He was also designated as the teams "rookie of the year" by my mentor Cindy for his exuberant attitude and consistent work ethic.  His smiling personality makes him a fan favorite.



Paw Patrol Litter

MARSHALL, leader

This young dog is a rising star.  As a yearling last year he had what it took to make the Iditarod team(this is a big deal.)   He ran several hundred miles before he was dropped for being "tired."  We also heard that Marshall was a vet favorite on the Iditarod trail after he was dropped from the race.  They loved how friendly and loving he was.  Marshall has been spending some time in lead during off season training and has done very well.  We have high hopes for this guy as he continues to mature.


Sponsored By: Jerid, Kristi, Cole and Cody Ramaker

Woolly Siberian Husky

BEAR, rescued 

Bear is a rescued dog we acquired in the Spring of 2019.  He is a family favorite but has the manners of a raccoon.  Bear is getting the hang of the harness and pulling.  He doesn't like long miles, but does great pulling with the retired dogs. The kids love tying him to their play 4 wheeler and getting pulled around.  Now they just need to figure out how to get him stopped.

Sponsored By: Eric, Jeni, Kayden, and Hannah Loftus
IMG_3457 (2).JPG

German Wirehair Pointer

TILLIE, retired yard boss

Tillie is the retired yard boss as well as a loyal, trusted member of our family.  We got her in March 2009 initially for hunting purposes.  Her breed is known for being a "versatile" hunting dog and she is just that.  Back in her prime, we hunted pheasants and ducks together as well as becoming one of our first dogs to pull a sled.  She has been instrumental in training many young dogs to pull.  These days she loves taking the kids to school and barks at any dogs who aren't getting along in the yard.  She is entertained by the ever growing numbers of cats in the barn and loves to sleep with the kids if Kylie determines that she is "clean enough."  She doesn't like when the dog truck is fired up and she's not riding shotgun.  However, she takes her job serious of taking care of the family in my absents. 

Sponsored By: Verboncouer Family

Constellation Litter

Sponsored By: Bart and Wendy Morris

ORION, team dog

Orion is a big happy male.  This guy has a personality that will make you smile.  After fall training runs when we return to the dog yard we often turn all the dogs loose to free run prior to bringing them back to their houses.  On numerous occasions I have found Orion actually standing on top of the 4wheeler, as if he were ready to drive another team out of the yard. He will be a 3 year old this year and will hopefully play an important role as a team dog this year.



WY/MT Cities Litter


Gillette is one of the more experienced dogs on the team at 9 years old.  He stepped up to the leadership role only a few years ago, but is now one of our go to leaders.  This dog is driven and and as loyal as they come. I have always thought that if Gillette had wings he would take us to the moon.  His striking blue eyes and loving personality make him a fan favorite.



Constellation Litter


WY/MT Cities Litter

GILLETTE, leader

Gillette is one of the more experienced dogs on the team at 9 years old.  He stepped up to the leadership role only a few years ago, but is now one of our go to leaders.  This dog is driven and and as loyal as they come. I have always thought that if Gillette had wings he would take us to the moon.  His striking blue eyes and loving personality make him a fan favorite.

Sponsored By: Jerry Rollie

Country Stars Litter

KEITH, team dog

He may be small and young, but he's mighty strong. This guy is shy, but super friendly once you win him over.  He's full of potential and cant wait to see what the season brings for this guy!

Sponsored By: Schultz Family

Star Wars Litter

JEDI, team dog

Jedi is another one of those power house dogs.  He is big and you can literally feel the sled surge forward when he lays into his harness. 

Sponsored By: Layne, Betsi, Magnus Edwards

Early American

Contributors Litter

BEN, team dog

Ben is a near spitting image of his father Coffee.  He seems to have the same desire to work but is a calmer, gentler version of his old man.  He will be a 2 year old this year, so I am hopeful that this will be the year this big boy will find his groove.

Sponsored By: Verboncouer Family

Obama  Litter

MALIA, team dog

I think this girl is one of the prettiest dogs in the kennel.  Her striking white face and gentle personality make her quite lovable.  She dutifully works and is generally an easy keeper.

Sponsored by: Jay, Molly, Maizey, and Alyza Forstner

Early American

Contributors Litter

FINN, leader

“Finny boy” is a bit of a shy dog with a get it done attitude.  Early last season he really started to show some potential as a young leader but was always a back up as he still needed some maturation.  He made last year's Iditarod team as a team dog. However, when the 4 main leaders needed to be dropped due to a GI bug, Finn stepped up to answer the call.  He, and other under dog Susan, led the team another 300 miles down the trail, which was far beyond expectations. Finn has some unfinished business this year and deserves a celebration under the burled arches.

Sponsored by: Beth Bergstedt and Jules Erickson

Obama Litter

SASHA, team dog

This dainty girl comes from the Obama litter.  She is sassy and determined. She has shown some leadership qualities.  We are looking forward to seeing what another year of experience will do for her.

Emergency Room Staff @ St. Mary's Hospital

Coffee Litter


This girl completely lives up to her name.  She is a never ending fur ball of happy energy.  Double Shot had been tried in lead several times during training runs, but it usually ended up in her making a completely random last second decision that took us into the rhubarb.  Surprisingly, during last year's Iditarod she was placed in lead during a particularly mentally taxing section of trail and she was able to shine. She was able to calm the nerves of her co leader and help get the team to the next checkpoint.  Either as a leader or a team dog this girl and her experience will be much appreciated on this year’s team.

Sponsored By: Loren and Kim Johns

Coffee Litter

COFFEE, team dog

A smoothly gaited dog is a very desirable characteristic in the sled dog world.  A dog that you could “set a glass of water on his back and not spill it.” A dog that seems to “move so effortlessly down the trail.”  Anyone who has seen this dog run would never use these statements. What Coffee lacks in finesse he more than makes up for in brute strength, fortitude, and determination.  This guy always seems happy and can quickly project that onto anyone who visits him. He is a seasoned Iditarod veteran and will be a valuable asset to this years team.

Sponsored By: Kelvin and Nancy Grabau

Star Wars Litter

HANS SOLO, team dog

"Hanni" is a reliable team dog with a Cadillac smooth gait.  His effortless looking movements are enjoyable to watch mile after mile after mile…  He also has a playful personality that will gently grab your arm with his mouth and attempt to guide you to a specific location. 

Sponsored By: Tess, Britt, Turner and Sullivan Spindler

WY/MT Cities Litter

CASPER, leader 

This guy is sweet, kind and has grown into a phenomenal leader. Casper is 9 years old. He is wise and strong. He use to be a scrapper, but has harnessed his fire for his leadership role. Back in the day, Casper and his brother Jackson couldn't be put next to any other males but each other. They never fought each other, just everyone else.

Emergency Room Staff @ St. Mary's Hospital

Coffee Litter

LATTE, leader

This little girl has spunk!  Two years ago in the middle of Race to the Sky I found myself short on lead dogs.  Latte, having never led before, seemed like a long shot. Much to my delight she blossomed, leading us the remaining 150 miles to the finish.  She continues to impress and remains a valuable asset to the team.

Sponsored By: Jobes Family

WY/MT Cities Litter

JACKSON, team dog

This guy is sweet, happy and LOVES people. Jackson is 9 years old but is a force to be reckoned with. He use to be a scrapper back in the day, but as he ages, he has mellowed out and harnessed his fire into a hard working, dependable team dog. Back in the day, Jackson or his brother Casper couldn't run next to any other males but each other. They never fought each other, just everyone else. (Brothers have a special place in Damons heart).

Sponsored By: Don and Salma Robinson

Star Wars Litter

CHEWBACCA, team dog

AKA, Chewy.  Also true to his name, this guy loves to chew.  This dog can literally chew through neck lines faster than any other dog I have encountered.  He is a bit shy too, but is a hard worker.

Sponsored By: Eric, Stephanie, and Mini Musher Funk

Country Star Litter

TOBY, team dog

Bio coming soon! 

Emergency Room Staff @ St. Mary's Hospital

Famous Peeps Litter

SUSAN (Boyle), leader

This is a dog with an incredible comeback career.  She too is one of our more experienced team members at the age of 9.  She has earned a spot on the Iditarod team for several previous seasons.  She too served as a leader early in her career, but then fell out of favor due to some quirkiness with road crossings and other obstacles.  Last season I found myself searching for leaders in the middle of a grueling Beargrease. Susan stepped up with eagerness and excitement. Then again in last years Iditarod when Cindy found herself short critical leaders, Susan stepped up.  She played a crucial role in getting the team as far as they did, again, far beyond expectations. She too deserves another opportunity to step across the finish line in Nome.

Emergency Room Staff @ St. Mary's Hospital

Obama Litter

Barack, Lead dog 

Barack is a chip off of his mother’s block, Double Shot.  He is smooth gaited and a pleasure to watch work in the team.  He is a bit on the shy side, but very loyal once you have gained his trust. 

Mayo Clinic ED Residency Group

Mt/Wy Cities Litter

Dubois, team dog

This guy is big, powerful, intimidating, has the loudest/ deepest bark in the kennel and is as tough as they come. But don't let that thick shell fool you.  He's as soft hearted, kind, loving and as friendly as they come.  He's experienced and reliable and can't wait to see what he does this year. 

Sponsored By: Robinson Family
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