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WHAT are we doing?

The first week was for sure the hardest. There were many tears (from me). Week one we experienced the coldest temps that we are going to experience this winter. One morning it was -25 F. The dome was completely frosted over. Frost was coming through the door, on all the windows and creeping up the sides from the floor. We quickly found out that we had too much moisture trapped inside and it was freezing on the ceiling and edges. We put plastic on all the windows and dome and got a dehumidifier. We are dumping at least 1.5-2 gallons of water a day from it. Since there aren’t any vents moving air out of the yurt, all the moisture from cooking, showers, and daily living doesn’t have a way of escaping. The moisture rises to the ceiling and sides and freezes. Then the next morning the sun warms it and the indoor rain starts. Huge puddles of water were forming on the floor.

I panicked and cried while Damon calmly dealt with this and all the other first week issues that arose. Other than the indoor rain and skating rink we were calling our floor, we had smoke backing up into the yurt. We were able to remedy that with a few more feet of outside class H chimney piping. I also have learned so much about smoking products that you spray on your clothes to take out the smoke smell. You would think by my web searches that I must smoke a few packs a day, but no, I just don’t want my kids to be the crazy kids that show up to church and have people ask, “Did you guys just come from camping?”

We also have been working under low lighting the last month. I’m getting used to having a shop light illuminate the ceiling, a desk lamp helping out in the kitchen and a few lamps here and there. It surely gives some ambiance, but I just want some LIGHT! Due to our need for specific products, wrong products being sent from the manufacture and our electrician being on a much deserved vacation, we hope to have actual lighting and finish up all the electrical projects in the coming week.

However, with all that being said, we had a number of blessings that first week. One, we found out that between our wood stove and furnace, we can keep up with any kind of weather and stay warm. And second, our family was together and we are happy. Our children haven’t gotten along this well... Ever. We aren’t sure if it's that we are getting more family time, the close quarters, or if we are in the honeymoon period of this whole experience, but the kids are really thriving. They are working together, enjoying their little spaces they have carved out for themselves, and finding lots of crazy places to hide during hide and go seek.

Trust has resumed in our decision along with windows we can see out of, and a dry ceiling, walls and floors. You can see the stars at night while laying in bed and hear the rain pattering on the roof. Laughs can be heard indoors and outdoors no matter where you are (because you can hear everything, anywhere) from the kids playing in their room or having ten puppies chase them outside. As the issues decrease, the contentment naturally increases.

The rhythm of our days here has started and the knowledge that we are warm and content brings peace. However, I continue to hear odd noises and see weird flashes of light at night. I rest my hand on the empty pillow beside me and know that Damon is out doing what Damon does. He’s working on something, building something, running dogs, or just playing. He probably has a beer close to him, the radio is playing quietly to some country song, and he’s singing along with a headlamp attached to his head. I sleep well knowing he’s happy and pray to our good Lord that I’ll be able to keep up with him for another day.

Keep walking with us, I might need a hand to hold.

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