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Greetings from the Iditarod training trail! 

The Deep Root Kennel has spent the last 4 years training to enter the 2020 Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  My team and I have another extensive year of training but we are beyond excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

To me, this race isn't just about a our accomplishments, but bringing this experience to others. I want to inspire others in reaching for their fullest potential, educate and empower them with the skills to do so, and for others to experience their own dreams, aspirations and purpose.  I take all these children, youth, community organizations, and Deep Root Cause participants with me on this journey.  They are the mission and the team and I are the means. 

The Deep Root Cause is our 501(c) non profit that brings this experience, information and adventure to many youth organizations, community groups, schools, businesses and workshop participants through demonstrations, presentations, workshops, rides and kennel visits.    I interweave stories of dog mushing information and adventures with the life strategies and skills that has brought me the ability to pursue this dream.


As this dream grows, so do our expenses.  Until 2019, my family and I solely supported the Iditarod quest and CAUSE's costs. However, we are seeking donations to help offset some of the expenses for this coming year. 

Please consider joining in this adventure as we bring the experience of crossing some of the most rugged terrain our country has to offer to you and the participants of the CAUSE.

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the Cause

Become a Corporate Sponsor.

There are many levels and benefits.  This is a unique marketing opportunity.  The Iditarod draws, local, national and international attention and your company could travel the many miles to Nome Alaska with our team. Meet Our Sponsors that are already supporting us or go to our Corporate Sponsorship page for more information on levels and benefits. 

Sponsor a Dog.

It costs over $30 a month to feed just one dog.  Multiply that by at least 20 and it's quite the bill.  Go check out our Meet the Team page and see who you would like to sponsor for the season.  There are lead dogs, team dogs and retired dogs to sponsor.  


Direct Sponsorship

Its as easy as that, just hit the donate button at the top of the page and you will receive a tax deductible donation to the CAUSE


with Cause

Interested in learning more or would like us at your next event? 


Contact us with any questions or ideas on teaming together. 


​School Demonstration

Community Organization Discussions

Business Lunch and Learn

Event Speaker              

Kennel Tour               

Musher and Dogs Meet and Greet

Team Ride (Depending on Season and weather conditions)

One day Workshops

Multi Day Workshop/ Back Country Trip

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